What is Missio?

Missio is the Pope's official charity for overseas Mission. It exists because 40% of the worldwide Catholic Church is too poor to support itself.

Missio plays a crucial role supporting the local Church overseas and sharing the light of Christ by combating injustice, disease, poverty and exploitation in 157 countries.

As a fundamental part of the Christian vocation, the Parish has an active community of Mission supporters through prayer and donations and is among the 'top twenty' contributing parishes in the Diocese through the Red Box Scheme and by direct payments.

The Red Box Scheme enables households to contribute bit by bit as much or as little as they can into a Red Box held in one's own home. These are collected and emptied from time to time by volunteers who pay the funds to the Mission account.
Alternatively donations may be made direct and Gift Aided either way.
Over £3 million is raised nationally each year.

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