What is CAFOD?

CAFOD, the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, was born when volunteer members of the National Board of Catholic Women organised the first Family Fast Day on Friday, March 11, 1960. It's aim was to raise funds to alleviate poverty world wide as an integral part of the Christian Mission and the official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales.

What do they do?

CAFOD is one of the leading charities supporting overseas development. It is able both to raise funds and distribute them effectively through its world-wide network of partners linked with the universal church. These go to emergency relief but importantly to enable the poor to do more for themselves in the long term

Inspired by Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, and the experiences and hopes of people living in poverty, CAFOD works for a safe, sustainable and peaceful world.

What do we do to help as a parish?

The Parish continues to support bi-annual Fast Days in Lent and at Harvest time and tries to keep in touch with and support CAFOD's work for global justice. It also liaises with other parishes in the Deanery and supports the annual Molesey ecumenical collection for Christian Aid.

Can I find out more and get involved?
Yes! Please take a look at the CAFOD website (see below links) to find out more about what they do and how you can donate If you want to get involved there is a special Brighton & Arundal Diocese website take a look and get involved.....
contact the Diocesan team at

Arundel & Brighton CAFOD

St Barnabas, Molesey